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W h a t  i s  Я|RS  P e r s o n a l  T h e r a p y ?


Personal Therapy is essential to the self-care of therapists regardless of individual differences, their theoretical approach and counselling in practice. 


Personal Therapy provides trainee and qualified counsellors alike with a safe, supportive, non-judgemental, growth-promoting environment where they may explore personal, academic, professional, or a combination of these issues, which are often interconnected. 


Nowadays many colleges, universities and other training establishements require that students/trainees access a certain number of hours personal therapy to fulfil assessment criteria. 


Я|RS  O n l i n e  P e r s o n a l  T h e r a p y  S e s s i o n s : -

  • 'live' online session (synchronous)  - Online Personal Therapy in real-time using computer-mediated technology for 1 full hour (60mins). Live online therapeutic sessions may be text-based, audio, or audio-visual (webcam) depending on the medium that best suits your individual needs. To ensure secure communication via the internet, your online counsellor will advise you on encryption facilities
  • e-therapy (asynchronous)  - Secure therapeutic e-mail correspondence is a two way exchange from you to your online counsellor and a response from your online counsellor. Suitability explored during initial assessment. Guidance offered for word limitations and realistic time constraints during and in between asynchronous exchanges

Я|RS  F a c e - t o - F a c e  P e r s o n a l  T h e r a p y  S e s s i o n s : -

  • Personal Therapy currently available in Chester, Cheshire, UK. Limited availability

Я|RS  P e r s o n a l  T h e r a p y  F e e s : -

  • £60.00  -  1 hour
  • 10% discount for block-bookings of 12 x sessions paid in full
  • Concession rates for psychology or counselling students/trainees


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