Shout Out to all the Amazing Mental Health 

Charities out there & the Volunteers Making A Difference!

M a k i n g  A  D i f f e r e n c e : -

There are so many charities locally, nationally and globally offering invaluable support and making a difference EVERY single day. Some of these charities desperately need a little support whether this be a share, retweet, spreading the word about the invaluable work through word of mouth, or an actual donation of monetary value. Every little helps.

Having been a volunteer myself in my early teens and then again as an adult, I can appreciate firsthand the hard work, dedication and commitment that even an hour of our spare time and upbeat 'can do' attitude can really do to support others in real need.

I whole heartedly support Time to Change's campaign raising awareness of mental health to dispell the stigma and discrimination often associated with having a mental health issue. The truth is that EVERYONE has mental health and it is as important as physical health.


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A n t i - B u l l y i n g : - 

With personal and professional experience of bullying spanning three decades it is no surprise that I have researched this subject matter within BSc Psychology and MSc in Counselling Psychology theses at University. I am very passionate about raising awareness of bullying amongst children, young people and even adults, within school, home, workplace and online environments.


I was invited to contribute as a Bullying Expert in Charlie Plunkett's book '100 Little Words on Parenthood', which was published in 2013.


I am a supporter and Associate Member of UK's Anti-Bullying Alliance.


I also support the work of national and international anti-bullying charities Ditch The Label, Stonewall and Beatbullying (until its unfortunate closure in 2014).